About Us



The strongest and largest primary cooperative in the Philippines, bringing financial needs and services to everyone.




Deliver innovative technology and products, enriching the lives of the members on financial needs and services  in the community


CORE VALUES : Enhances the FOUR corners of business-line.


Respect – We Value our Members

Integrity – We do the Right thing

Commitment – We keep our word

Excellence – We give utmost service



Actively promote partnership and linkages to different stakeholders in the

community for better delivery of products and services  protecting and sustaining the environment and to prevent work-related injury and ill health to employees and to provide safe and healthy workplaces  while

expanding branching operations throughout the Philippines and Asia-Pacific.


Institute plans and actions that enhance the business flow of operations, guided

by the core values of respect, integrity, commitment and excellence.


Maintain highest standard of conduct in accordance with law and statutory
regulations .




Aurora Credit Union Incorporated was conceptualized in the year 1967. It was initiated and organized by the Columban Priest.


In the year 1985; all the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen of Aurora Rural Credit Union Incorporated (1967), Aurora Consumers Cooperative (1973) and Aurora Marketing Cooperative (1976) attended the same seminar conducted by VICTO through PADAP – (Philippine Australian Development Assistance Program). After three (3) years; the three (3) Cooperatives who attended the same seminar merged their coops and named it as Aurora Integrated Cooperative, Incorporated (1985). After six (6) years of operation of the said cooperative; the Board of Directors of Aurora Integrated Cooperative, Incorporated ammended to rename the cooperative into Aurora Integrated Multipurpose Cooperative (AIM Coop).


AIMCoop belongs to the members and the realization of its noble aspirations depend largely on the sincere and active participation on savings mobilization and capital build-up as there are the sources of its life and the sustenance of its unending growth. The services of AIMCoop are member-friendly with high regard on achieving member’s delight maximum consideration of continuos service development and product enhancement is a great part of AIMCoop’s unstoppable quest for ceaseless progress.


The goal of AIMCoop is to become the channel of poverty alleviation, elimination of capitalism, improvement of econimic standing of the members of the community have been proficientlt practiced ever since, yet it is still beyond our commitment to offer more. Hence, AIMCoop is dedicated to expand in operation and extend the benefits to those who have the heart, the loyalty and the willingness to patronize the Vision, Mission and Goal of AIMCoop.


It is the members benefit to be involved in a community type organization, avail services packaged for the members’ satisfaction, high rates of interest on savings and time deposits, profitable and stable Cooperative.


AIMCoop aims to become the bridge between the means and end of the members.





As a Filipino

I am and I believe in the Cooperative

Alone I am weak But with others I am strong

So I commit myself

To work, to cooperate for all to be prosperous.


Harmony, Industry, I will value

Cooperative affairs, I will attend

Responsibilities, I will assume

The cooperative philosophy I will live.


One Vision

One Belief

One Feeling

In cooperativism my life I pledge

So help me God.